It’s nice to look at old photographs, to remember the moment and bring back old memories. I found this picture in my old negatives while I was looking for old photographs of my hometown.

This photograph had been taken in 1998 in the port of Piraeus in Greece for a personal project. It was a cold afternoon of winter and this may explain the fact that one of the most busy ports in the Mediterranean Sea looks empty and lonesome. I still remember the camera I used for that picture. It was a Nikon F-801s loaded with an Agfa ISO 200 color negative film. I copied the negative by using a tripod, a strobe flash and a white matt acrylic plastic sheet. I used a Nikon D800 for the digitization. This method gives me much better results compared to a flatbed scanner. A copy adapter for digital cameras could be a usuful accessorry for a large volume of photos.

What I really like about this photograph is the original analog negative film look that it has. These reach, warm gradations were revealed with minimum manipulation in the post process of the digital raw copy. I used no “film” presets to give this look. In my opinion the grain structure and even those “time imperfections” make this photograph unique.